The Aching of October

Autumn is the eternal corrective. It is ripeness and color and a time of maturity; but it is also breadth, and depth, and distance. What man can stand with autumn on a hilltop and fail to see the span of his world and the meaning of the rolling hills that reach to the far horizon? // Hal Borland Autumn is… Read More

Self-Care As Mercy: What St. John Paul II Taught Me About How to Be a Better Mom

THE FACES OF MERCY CONFERENCE IS BACK ONLINE AND IT’S FREE! To close out the Year of Mercy, CatholicConference4Moms is offering its wonderful Faces of Mercy online event for FREE October 20-23, 2016! Each day of the Conference you will be invited to watch your choice of featured presentations from popular speakers and authors, at any time, on any device. You can… Read More

Congratulations! It’s an Alien! {Guest Post}

I’m so happy to bring you this guest post from my friend and fellow PPD survivor Cait Marchand! Three months after the birth of my daughter I am starting to think it might be safe to hope that this time around I have escaped postpartum depression. But after more than a decade of struggle with depression, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and… Read More

When Motherhood Is Hard, I Want to Remember This

Being a mom is hard. All mothers know it. We may not have known it long ago (before the gray hairs and dark under-eye circles), but once we’re a few weeks into life with a newborn, there’s no denying it. It’s cathartic to unburden our hearts and speak these words out loud. This day is difficult. This moment seems unbearable. Motherhood is… Read More

Progesterone Therapy for Postpartum Depression?

You may be aware that progesterone is a hormone that’s essential to maintaining a healthy menstrual cycle and pregnancy. But did you know that progesterone can also play a big role in your postpartum mental health? According to experts in women’s reproductive health at Pope Paul VI Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction — the same doctors behind the development of the… Read More