Adrienne’s Story

Hey, new mama.  This could be your first baby, your third, or your sixth.  Doesn’t matter.  Somehow every precious new life makes a mother feel like a newbie all over again.  Sit down.  I want to tell you something important.  I want to tell you something you need to hear.  Because I care about you.  I admit it.  To the… Read More

Seven Quick Takes: Mombies, Baby Smiles, And a Fabulous Giveaway!

Today is my very first time to link up with Kelly for 7QT Friday — although I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to do it, because that’s where all the cool blogger kids hang out on Fridays! For this first edition, I thought I’d give y’all another little Postpartum Check-In. Alternately entitled, “How Sleep-Deprivation and Whining Children… Read More

A Little Birth Story & A Quick Postpartum Check-In

Well hello, friends! Yes, I’m still alive —  and I’ve got a really adorable reason for the radio silence around here for the past few weeks! She’s here! Meet Ana Lucia Mercedez, born June 16, 2016, at 5:39am. We were all pretty smitten right from the start (because, seriously, that face!!!).   The {Somewhat} Abridged Birth Story I love a good birth story!… Read More

My PPD Story

I’m a three-time survivor of three perinatal mood disorders — prenatal depression, postpartum depression, and postpartum anxiety — which I’ve experienced to varying degrees both during and after all three of my pregnancies. I’m currently 36 weeks pregnant with my fourth baby, and this time I’m better informed and better prepared to both prevent and manage any mental health issues that may… Read More

Pregnant After PPD: What It Looks Like This Time

When it comes to motherhood, I’m not the normal statistic. I’ve grown and labored and birthed three children in the past six years. And three out of three postpartums, I’ve had PPD {postpartum depression} and/or PPA {postpartum anxiety}. I’ve also experienced prenatal depression during two pregnancies. And now, I’m pregnant again. In fact, I’m almost to the end of pregnancy number… Read More