When Motherhood Is Hard, I Want to Remember This

Being a mom is hard. All mothers know it. We may not have known it long ago (before the gray hairs and dark under-eye circles), but once we’re a few weeks into life with a newborn, there’s no denying it. It’s cathartic to unburden our hearts and speak these words out loud. This day is difficult. This moment seems unbearable. Motherhood is… Read More

Progesterone Therapy for Postpartum Depression?

You may be aware that progesterone is a hormone that’s essential to maintaining a healthy menstrual cycle and pregnancy. But did you know that progesterone can also play a big role in your postpartum mental health? According to experts in women’s reproductive health at Pope Paul VI Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction — the same doctors behind the development of the… Read More

Navigating Motherhood with Our Lady, Star of the Sea

The months of August and September are brimming with big Marian feast days.* I love them all — the Assumption, the Queenship, Our Lady of Sorrows. But the celebration of Mary, Star of the Sea (on September 27) has special meaning for me at this time in my life. I recently came across these beautiful words from St. Bernard of… Read More

Let Us Begin

Over the past few days, the virtual Catholic world has exploded in a joyful celebration of the life of Mother Teresa. My social media newsfeeds have been flooded with beautiful images and compelling stories. She is such a beloved saint. I have nothing new to add to all that’s been so wonderfully said about this courageous, selfless, beautiful woman. But I… Read More

Adrienne’s Story

I am honored to share with you this guest post from my friend Adrienne, as she tells her PPD story.  Hey, new mama.  This could be your first baby, your third, or your sixth.  Doesn’t matter.  Somehow every precious new life makes a mother feel like a newbie all over again.  Sit down.  I want to tell you something important. … Read More